Sunday, April 25, 2010


Caio Blat as Cristiano (the girl's boyfriend)

CAST : The girl's name is Renata Airoldi
GUYS: Cainam Baladez, Caio Blat (Cristiano),Rodrigo Bolzan

sausage-smorgasbord (all 3 sausages shown STIFF!!!)

Three upper-middle class teenagers start a night of partying, including wild sex, rape, drugs, and accidental murder. Fun merges with violence with absurd, tragicomic results. The more they try to cover up their goof ups, the more complicated their lives become. Written by Gonz30

In São Paulo, the upper middle class teenagers Cristiano, Chico and Gabriel have just joined the university and on the eve of the opening class, they go to a party with drugs and booze. On the next day, after their classes, the date of Cristiano comes to his house and the three friends rape the girl. The girl dies, they panic and decide to get rid off the body, but Cristiano's mother arrives, startles with Gabriel and rolls the staircase, breaking her neck. The trio decides to burn the corpses in a garbage dump, but along the night other tragedies happen. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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